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About Us

We deliver what we promise

In our daily hustle, an organized and energetic start to the day is all that we need. And indeed, it starts with our ‘space.’ A space can give the much-required morale boost to our spirit as much as it can dampen the same with its negativity. A space can render our mornings into symphonies and our nights into lullabies. A space can behold sagas and can personify legacies.

Taking the onus of rendering spaces that house dreams and a thousand stories, that nurture ambitions and a thousand smiles, has been a real estate company – Hivision Developers.

Creating homes that outlast legacies is a commitment that Hivision lives by. With a determination to change the city landscape one project at a time, Hivision Developers have been constructing future-ready wonders with underlying principles of coexistence.

The Hivision promise is to create homes that are dynamic, sustainable, people-oriented, promising, futuristic, and scientifically designed after years of research.

The Hivision promise is to create spaces that coexist with the environment that accelerate the growth of a hustler, a dreamer, and an aspirant in their journey towards success.


Hivision Developers envisages creating a better tomorrow while implementing the philosophy of ‘a good life’ into construction projects and capturing Hyderabad’s skyline in the segment of luxurious living & commercial spaces.


To create spaces that are scientifically designed keeping in mind various interests of the society as a whole so as to transform lifestyles while promoting innovative living solutions & sustainable practices.


Stemmed from the passion and dedication of Mr. Hirani and Mr. Ghelani, the Hivision group was established in the year 2008 in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad, Telangana. With their diligence and foresight, Hivision Developers have become pioneers of luxurious living, a modern lifestyle, and smart solutions in the real estate industry.

Backed by a strong foundation of hotels and the hospitality industry, this duo created the Hivision Group so as to create breathtaking opportunities in residential and commercial avenues in the city of Hyderabad. These down-to-earth founders personify humility, perseverance, and scientific temperament and consider Mother Nature their driving force. While sound engineering and structural prowess are essential for building landmark projects, the essence of it is driven by the vision that propels it.

Our upcoming project Hivision Heights has become talk of the town:

Our Values

Our values are our driving force and constantly guide us to take the right decisions in our operations and help us in moving towards excellence.

We deliver our promises:

We are not about just mortar and bricks, but we are defined by our values and ethics. Our ethics entail delivering what we promised. It starts right from laying the foundation stone of the construction site where no stone remains unturned in making sure that the strength and durability are compromised. It continues with the essence of strengthening the core ensuring safety and security so as to remain eternally relevant.

We believe that the world is for all living beings:

We believe that coexistence is not a choice but a collective duty of the human race to ensure that all living beings are given an equal chance to live, nurture their species, and proliferate further. We put optimized efforts to minimize wastage of resources and to create sustainable infrastructure so as to ensure that natural resources such as water, air, soil in our surroundings are polluted less. We strive towards promising eco-friendly practices such as water harvesting, harnessing solar energy, segregation of waste, and increasing green cover around our projects. It is always our effort to reduce our carbon footprints while promoting sustainable living and a green lifestyle.

We promote future-ready living:

At Hivision Developers, we aim to transform your lifestyle from ordinary to extraordinary, not just with respect to luxury but holistically also. It starts with researching and understanding the needs of the people out there concerning their dream homes or office spaces. We scientifically do an as-is analysis where we survey the needs & demands of our target audience. Putting our understanding in place, we create spaces that are futuristically marked with smart solutions. Our landmark projects are dotted with amenities that are simple, modern, tech-enabled, user-friendly and sustainable.

We have an eye for riding over trends:

As the real estate boom is setting worldwide, it is crucial to identify the markers of progress and have a keen foresight to visualize the way forward. We have a keen eye for gauging the trends and following the trails so as to remain upgraded with the best industry insights. As a result of which the locations of our construction projects are always ahead of time. Identifying the best blocks of land with respect to the livable index, property value escalation, community development, connectivity parameters, and more is a scientific process in which our team has excelled over some time. We believe in constructing projects that have a great location advantage and hence giving an edge of investment to our customers.

People Behind

Hivision is the realization of a dream of a few highly compassionate and motivated individuals that are committed to the promise of delivering structures that outlive legacies. In tune with this, the founder duo – Mr. Gilani and Mr. Hirani, have nurtured a team that is as passionate about the work as they are. The team, comprising of highly qualified, experienced, and driven engineers, architects, researchers, structural engineers, and management professionals, is the unmatched strength of Hivison Developers. Their niche in their respective segments has led to the company offering the smartest and the most innovative solutions in the sector.

Awards & Achievements

Here are some awards and certifications that we are proud of. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a proud member of CREDAI HYDERABAD. We had been awarded as best mid-range apartment project of the year 2016 by Silicon India