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    We attempt at bringing a paradigm-shift in the construction industry
    Hivision Heights

    The skyline of Hyderabad is dynamic, constantly witnessing changes with Gated community Near Suchitra Circle. 

    Another premium addition to the Gated Community Apartments In Kompally cityscape is the smart & future-ready gated community of Hivision Heights. Located in Kompally, North of Hyderabad and 3 BHK apartments in Kompally designed for a generation of residents that are smart and live in  Luxury Apartments In Kompally, tech-savvy and moving fast.

    These luxurious and smart 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments are for those who believe in the beauty of a Gated community near Suchitra circle, their dreams and aspire to live a king sized life.

    Dotted 3 BHK Apartments in Kompally with luxury, comfort, utility, and power-packed with 45+ amenities over 12.2L sft of space, the secure and smart gated community of Hivision Heights is an effort towards promoting sustainability by attempting to reduce carbon footprints and introducing eco-friendly culture

    Hivision Heights – we understand the value & luxury of time

    Call +91 799 507 1179 for bookings fo 2 BHK, 3 BHK and  4 BHK Flats For Sale In Kompally  or write to us on

    Bank Loan available

    A project by Hivision Developers, construction management by TATA Projects.

    2,3,4 BHK flats in Kompally, near Suchitra circle come in various sq.ft ranging from 1250 to 3000 sq.ft (Optional). With enormous parking space and Smart 50 EV Charging Station, Hivision Heights have gated community and are the next gen automated homes designed for your space and comfort.

    Project Features

    Size of Flats

    • 2BHK                           1250 SQ.FT
    • 3BHK                           1600 SQ.FT
    • 4BHK                           2200 SQ.FT

    Project Details

    • Project Size                          4 Acres
    • No Of Blocks                       3(A,B&B1)
    • No Of Flats                          425
    • Type Of Flats                       2BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK

    No Of Parkings

    • 738 Four Wheeler Parking
    • Smart 50 EV Charging Station with Dedicated Parking Zone

    Floor plan

    This luxurious and spacious 2-3-4 BHK scheme is for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    Flat No - 01, 3 BHK East Face
    Flat No - 02, 3 BHK East Face
    Flat No - 03, 3 BHK West Face
    Flat No - 04 - 05, 3 BHK West Face
    Flat No - 06, 2 BHK West Face
    Flat No - 07, 1 BHK West Face
    Flat No - 08, 1 BHK West Face
    Flat No - 09, 3 BHK North Face
    Flat No - 10, 2 BHK East Face
    Flat No - 11, 2 BHK East Face
    Flat No - 12, 3 BHK East Face
    Flat No - 13 3BHK North Face
    Flat No - 14 3BHK North Face
    Flat No - 15 3BHK North Face
    Flat No - 16 3BHK North Face
    Flat No - 17 4BHK West Face
    Flat No - 18 2BHK West Face
    Flat No - 19 2BHK West Face
    Flat No - 20 4BHK West Face
    Flat No - 21-22 2BHK East Face
    Flat No - 23 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 24 3BHK North Face
    Flat No - 25 2BHK East Face
    Flat No - 26 2BHK West Face
    FLAT No - 27 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 28 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 29 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 30 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 32 to 36 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 37 3BHK East Face
    Flat No - 38 2BHK West Face
    Flat No - 39 to 43 2BHK West Face
    Flat No - 44 to 48 2BHK East Face
    Flat No - 50 3BHK West Face
    Flat No- 51 to 55 2BHK West Face
    Why choose Hivision Heights?

    Why Choose Hivision Heights?

    Hivision Heights offers 2/3/4BHK luxurious, smart and sustainable apartments in a community that offers 45+ amenities for residents of all ages. These amenities cover a total area of 1.2 Lakh Sq. ft, the largest in North Hyderabad, and are part of one of the most secure and intelligent gated communities. Choose Hivision Heights as we offer smart homes, vibrant amenities and a secure, gated community for all our residents.

    Luxurious Gated Community

    Hivision Heights offers a smart, gated community of  2/3/4 BHK king-sized flats in Kompally, near Suchitra circle. It comes in close proximity of having many location benefits such as educational institutions, shopping malls, entertainment zones, healthcare and much more. Hivison Heights is a rapidly growing community with 2,3, 4 BHK flats for sale in Kompally. It also has an easy access to major transportation hubs.

    Location advantages and Project amenities & utilities - Hivision Heights

    Location Advantages



    Cine Planet Theatre

    Sim & Sams

    Runway 9

    Fox Sagar Lake

    Minerva Restaurant

    Blue fox



    Pearson School



    Sadhu Vashwani School

    Shiva Shivani Institute

    Big Bazar

    Chennai Shopping Mall 

    KLM/ South India Mall





    Pizza Hut



    Bolarum Railway Station



    Delhi Public School 



    Malla Reddy Institute

    Outer Ring Road 

    New Proposed IT Park



    Roma Multi Speciality Hospitals



    Renovo Multi Speciality Hospitals

        Srikara Multi Speciality Hospitals

    A Vision of Future Living

    At Hivison Heights in Kompally, we present a vision for the future of living. Our luxurious apartments offer a range of features, including smart home automation and customizable kitchens. Our project amenities include a 35,000 sq. ft clubhouse and 85,000 sq. ft rooftop amenities. These ensure that your life at Hivision Heights in Kompally is both convenient and comfortable.

    Location advantages and Project amenities & utilities - Hivision Heights
    Swimming Pool
    Indoor AC Gym
    Banquet Hall
    Indoor Games
    Coffee Shop
    Mini Theatre
    Sky Walk
    Provision Store
    Cricket Net Practice
    Badminton Court
    Yoga Hall
    Meditation Zone
    Terrace Party Lounge
    Giant Chess
    Luxury Reception Lobby
    Jogging Track
    Terrace Jogging Track
    Climbing Wall
    Outdoor Gym
    Pet Friendly Amenities
    Green Space
    Open Air Sitting Area
    Skating Area
    Steam Bath
    Rooftop Decks
    Outdoor Yoga
    Sauna Bath
    Package Lockers
    Pet Park
    Feature Wall
    Outdoor Dining
    Tree Plaza
    Palm Court
    Connecting Bridges
    Connecting Corridors With Lounges
    Children Outdoor Area
    In Building Retailers & Services
    Private Pool Side Party Zone
    Drivers Rest Area & Toilets
    Dg Backup For Flats & Amenities Up To 1 Kv
    Dg Backup For Amenities Area
    Digital Classroom/day Care Center
    Wi-Fi Enabled Club House
    Senior Citizen Seating Area
    24 Hr Security & CCTV
    Working Spaces With High Speed Internet Connection

    Smarter Homes for a Connected Lifestyle.

    Experience luxury living at its finest at Hivision Heights in Kompally with our smart gated community with 10+ smart features. Elevate your comfort with our convenient smart features available in all 2,3,4 BHK flats that are on sale in Kompally.

    Smarter Homes for a connected lifestyle - Hivision Heights
    Smart Door Video
    Smart Door Lock
    Smart Home Automation
    Smart Electric, Water & Gas Meters
    Smart Auto Sensor Lights In Parking Zone
    Smart 50 Electric Vehicle Charging Station With Dedicated Parking Zone
    Smart Integrated Communication System With Security Gate
    Smart RFID Cards To Each Vehicle For Limited Access Into The Project
    Smart Communication System On Mobile For Guest, Driver, Maid, Home Delivery
    Access Only With Authorization By Flat Holders
    Smart Main Gate Security System
    Smart App For Connection



    Jogging Track
    Giant Chess
    Open Air Meditation Center
    Private Party Lounges


    Hivision Heights is dotted with luxury, comfort, smartness, utility, and power-packed with 45+ amenities

    Work Progress As On November - 2023


    Are there any affordable residential apartments to buy in Kompally?

    Are there any affordable residential apartments to buy in Kompally?
    Kompally is one of the most sought after, and is quickly becoming a favourite area for residential property buyers and investors. If you are planning to purchase an affordable apartment with seamless connectivity to business hubs, the new proposed IT park, quality healthcare and educational institutions then Hivison Heights at Kompally has the perfect home for you starting @ ₹95 Lacs*

    Is the location of Hivision Heights good?

    Kompally in North Hyderabad is a rapidly developing area. With Hivision Heights being  located in the prime location of  North Hyderabad, Kompally, the area has an easy access to all the best-in-class infrastructure that the metropolis of Hyderabad can offer. Schedule a site visit now to explore the best of living, the area has to offer.

    What is TATA Project's role in Hivision Heights?

    For Hivision Heights Kompally, TATA Projects offers essential construction management services. As a distinguished construction company in India, they play a pivotal role in the project’s efficient and effective completion. Their responsibilities span across overseeing the construction process and upholding rigorous quality standards at every juncture. TATA Projects conducts systematic quality evaluations to ensure compliance with the requisite specifications and standards. Their extensive experience in construction management ensures the project’s timely completion and the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved.

    Is it better to buy a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK?

    Hivision Heights presents smart, sustainable, and king-sized 2/3/4 BHK flats in Kompally near Suchitra Circle. When choosing between a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK flat, consider your needs carefully. A 3 BHK provides ample space and versatility, ideal for young families with pets and young children, or young couples looking to start a family in the next few years. On the other hand, a 2 BHK flat is an ideal choice for singles or retired couples who may not require as much space or who won’t be needing much in the near future.

    Is Kompally in Hyderabad a good place to live?

    Kompally, located in North Hyderabad, is an area experiencing rapid development. Nestled in the prime location of North Hyderabad, Hivision Heights offers easy access to the top-notch infrastructure that the bustling metropolis of Hyderabad has to offer. Additionally, Kompally is a well-connected neighbourhood boasting excellent physical infrastructure and an abundance of social amenities, including schools, hospitals, and recreational opportunities.

    What are the benefits of investing in a 4 BHK?

    At Hivison Heights, our 4 BHK flats provide you with the perfect balance of metropolitan living and king-sized living. With ample room for each family member and their preferred activities, you can create your own little haven right in the heart of the city, ensuring everyone’s privacy and peace.

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