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Our Idea Of Sustainability

With a clear philosophy of doing no harm, we, at Hivision Developers , strive to adopt practices that are friendly to the environment and maintain the lowest carbon emissions possible. From using green construction materials that are eco-friendly for all creatures to building structures that strive to be self-reliant when it comes to fulfilling their energy needs; there is a lot that we do to adhere to our green concept. Shifting to renewable energy sources like solar energy and putting systems for water harvesting in place are some active measures that we take in this regard. Hivision Developers take immense pride in this and looks forward to watching the people that inhabit these structures enjoy a better quality of life owing to these measures.


Strategically designed structures that optimize on the natural light that is abundant in India for most of the year, thereby curating open, airy, and aesthetically pleasing interiors that consume a lot less electricity.


Structures replete with advanced systems for rainwater, groundwater, and sunlight harvesting for reduced dependence on power and fuel, and for leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


Residential and commercial units enabled with Home Automation for improved and a more comfortable lifestyle at a reduced cost. Moreover, the systems accommodate for reduced power consumption through remote control of devices.


Well planned structures that eliminate thermal bridges, thus paving the way for better insulation and improve the overall thermal performance of a building. This also reduces the consumption of power, thereby reducing costs in the long run.


Vertically planted gardens that multiply the scope of the green effect in a designated space. These gardens work as natural insulators and air purifers, as well as add elements that increase the aesthetic appeal and work as mood elevators.


In tune with the commitment to reduce the carbon footprint, materials are upscaled for use, thereby consuming less materials and reducing the burden on waste management systems without compromising on the quality or aesthetic appeal.